Patented by TN Coopers.
At TN Coopers, thanks to our R&D program, we understand toasting as the most critical and crucial stage in the creation of wood with character. As such, we developed an exclusive and patented convection toasting technology for barrels.

The goal of toasting is to induce molecular changes in the composition of the wood through heat, releasing aromas and flavors that enhance a wine.

Our Convection and Long Convection barrels are toasted inside a hermetic, specially designed convection oven, which allows for a slow, smooth toasting with unprecedented penetration. This process is controlled by exclusive software which provides a predictable, consistent and 100% replicable result.

This patented software, which controls and registers the temperatures at which the hot air circulates through the convection oven, is a key feature, as it allows establishing recipes for each barrel, and offering a better product selectiveness for different wines.