We understand coopering as the art and science of creating great wines. Because of this, every day we strive to meet the changing requirements of modern winemaking through constant innovation of our production processes, aligning them with the particular needs of our clients, in order to create wines with personality. That is how we have managed to become an international and prestigious cooperage, with presence in more than 30 markets around the world.

Since wine drinkers expect to be permanently surprised by new experiences, the industry has opened its doors to the introduction of innovations in winemaking, either by generation of new knowledge, or the application of new technologies.

TN Coopers stands out thanks to our consistent research and development of new products, leading to new and sophisticated ways of bringing wine and wood together.


TN Coopers is located in the heart of Curacaví Valley, just a few kilometers from the Casablanca Valley. Set amid 32 hectares of open countryside, four of them have been set aside for the wood park, while 1.4 hectares compose the production plant and finished products warehouse. Our facilities meet the highest construction standards and incorporate the latest technology, which not only provides the best conditions to manufacture our products, but also guarantees the best workplace for our team.


Our commitment begins with the selection of wood, all the way to the crafting of each wine.


Through constant research and development of new products, we help create unique wines, following the specifications of every winemaker. From the choice of the raw material to the presentation of the final product, TN Coopers takes special care of the quality demanded in each process, supported by state-of-the-art technology, and looking for innovations. Today, this allows us to offer convection toasting technology in barrels: a unique process patented by TN Coopers, which enables replicability of our products. With a more defined toasting, this allows the wood to contribute its full organoleptic potential.


To fulfill the needs of our clients, TN Coopers offers a wide range of products from barrels to tanks, tannins and alternatives through our Origin line.

Seeking full customer satisfaction and the exact performance they expect, each product is tailor-made following the oenological needs and specifications of each client.


A core value for TN Coopers, excellence reflects the constant search for new and better solutions to meet and surpass our customer’s standards. This has led us to form R&D alliances between winemakers, our own winemaking team and our clients, and collaborating with laboratories, universities and research centers.

In addition to this, the company devotes itself to the certification, quality control and traceability of its raw materials, as well as consultancy services for our customers.