The goal of toasting is to induce molecular changes in the composition of the wood through heat, releasing aromas and flavors that enhance a wine.

At TN Coopers, thanks to our R&D program, we understand toasting as the most critical and crucial stage in the creation of wood with character. As such, we developed an exclusive and patented convection toasting technology for barrels. We toast on a hermetic, specially designed convection oven, which allows for a slow, smooth toasting with unprecedented penetration.

The main difference with direct flame toasting is that this process is controlled by an exclusive software that predicts with certainty the results of the toasting in terms of aromas and flavors. This opens a new doorway for the wine industry, as exact replication of each product becomes a real possibility.

This patented software, which controls and registers the temperatures at which the hot air circulates through the convection oven, is a key feature, as it allows establishing recipes for each barrel, and offering a better product selectiveness for different wines.

TOASTS: LT / MT- / MT / MT+ / HT

In the Traditional toasting line, all our barrels are toasted by direct flame. During this process, wood experiences changes in its physiochemical composition. The concentration of compounds that are degraded in this line depends on the intensity of the toasting, with temperatures varying between 160° and 230°C.It gives more subtle flavors in light and medium toasting, with more intense ones in high toasting. The flame provides less sweetness and structure: an excellent option for those looking for barrels with nice complexity and the preservation of fruity flavors in a wine.

Replicable Toasts

In this line, products have a higher aromatic and taste perception. They provide great structure and a lasting mouthfeel. Their contribution of sweetness increases with time.Convection is characterized by a direct relationship between the toasting temperatures and the wood’s phenolic contribution, regardless of their botanic origin. The result: a low contribution of tannins for higher temperatures, and a higher contribution for lower ones. Of all our lines, this one provides the highest number of phenolic compounds. Sweetness can be adjusted according to the toasting recipe.

Replicable Toast

This type of toasting consists of a longer convection. Upon increasing toasting time while maintaining the temperatures, a softer toasting is achieved in mouth. Sweet flavors predominate initially, making way for spicy notes, which then derive into toasty and smokey hints, depending on the toasting recipe.
Structure and persistence are main traits for this toasting line.