Our R&D department dedicates significant funds to scientific research and studies on the relationship between wood, wine, distillates and the contribution it generates. From the selection of raw material to the final product, at TN Coopers we care about the requirement and quality of each process, equipped with avant-garde technology, and with a professional engineering team who together with our oenologists work day by day so as to achieve the best solutions to what our customers are looking for. This has enabled us today, to offer Convection Toasting of barrels: a unique and patented process by TN Coopers that achieves a range of toasting controlled by software, obtaining repeatable recipes that enable us to express the greatest organoleptic wood potential.


To fulfill the needs of our clients, TN Coopers offers a wide range of products from barrels to tanks and alternatives through our Origin line.

Seeking full customer satisfaction and the exact performance they expect, each product is tailor-made following the oenological needs and specifications of each client.


A core value for TN Coopers, excellence reflects the constant search for new and better solutions to meet and surpass our customer’s standards. This has led us to form R&D alliances between winemakers, our own winemaking team and our clients, and collaborating with laboratories, universities and research centers.

In addition to this, the company devotes itself to the certification, quality control and traceability of its raw materials, as well as consultancy services for our customers.