Patented by TN Coopers.

With toasting being critical in the creation of woods with character, TN Coopers uses convection technology for the toasting of alternative products. However, the R&D program has developed an exclusive and patented technology of convection toasting for barrels.

We understand “convection” as the controlled application of a homogenous, convective hot air current for a determined period of time. This generates countless physio chemical changes on wood compounds (such as cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin), their phenolic by products and aromatic precursors.

The main difference with fire toasting is that the process is handled by an exclusive software that accurately predicts the expected results in terms of flavors and aromas. This opens new horizons for the wine industry, since it ensures the replicability of the results. On top of that, the penetration of the toasting is higher than that of fire toasting.

This software, which regulates and registers the temperatures at with the air in contact with the wood circulates, is a fundamental tool since it enables establishing recipes for each requirement and offer a more selective product for each wine.

Convection presents a pronounced aromatic and taste profile for each of its sensorial attributes. Depending on the recipe, it enhances toasty, spicy and smoky notes on higher temperatures, and sweeter, fruity notes for lower ones. On the palate it offers volume, but it stands out mostly for contributing to the body and persistence of wine.