The goal of toasting is to induce molecular changes in the composition of the wood through heat, releasing aromas and flavors that enhance a wine during the vinification and ageing.

At TN Coopers, before toasting our barrels, we spray the rosetta or flower (initial structure that will give shape to the barrel) with distilled hot water, and it is then heated on a vapor chamber to open the pores. This water-vapor treatment facilitates the bending, eliminates any residual resine and allows a higher toasting intensity if so desired, notoriously reducing the risk of carbonization.

Tradition Mistral

In the Traditional toasting line, our barrels are toasted by direct contact with a flame.

Convection Odyse

Barrels are toasted on a hermetically sealed convection oven, delivering a soft and smooth toast with unprecedented penetration.

Long Convection Ambrosia

This type of Toast consists of a prolonged convection by circulation of hot air. By increasing the toasting time and maintaining the temperatures, a softer sensation is achieved in the palate.

Special Toast

Customized recipes, developed by TN Coopers researchers, to acheive specific results.